Toddler/Child Irish Sweater Update

Looking for the Long Skinny Scarf knit-a-long pattern? The September 10 post has Part 1 and 2.

I did swatch for this new design — not the greatest pic but it was getting late šŸ˜‰

This is actually my second go round at swatching. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the first swatch. I think it would have been interesting to see the two pictures side by side so you could see the difference.

The first swatch was knit on 5mm (CA/UK6, US8) needles and while I liked the feel of the fabric in stocking stitch, when I started swatching the cable patterns, it was just too loose. It would stretch out of shape too easily with wear, so a frogging I did go!

This swatch is knit on 4mm (CA/UK8 , US 6) – interesting how the CA/UK and US sizes just switched about there!

I always knit in stocking stitch first to get my gauge (for writing up the pattern). I like to include a stocking stitch gauge in all of my patterns; there’s nothing like swatching with a complicated pattern just to find out you have to do it all over again because you can’t get the same gauge the designer worked. Much easier if you can swatch in stocking stitch.

Then I worked the various cable / rib elements and calculated their gauges so that I could figure out my stitch counts for all of the sizes of the sweater as well as how many repeats I could include. My first design had an extra set of cable patterns that I had to delete from the final design because the Size 1 sweater just wasn’t wide enough to accommodate all of the stitches. The pattern will cover toddler/child sizes 1 – 6.

Once I had all of the numbers done, I created the pattern charts in Excel. I graphed each of the 5 cable / rib panels individually. I also created one chart with all of the panels side by side, but in order to print this chart landscape on 1 page I had to change the font to size 5 — I don’t think that’s a workable solution. I tried — I sure wouldn’t want to knit from that chart, so I didn’t figure you would want to either!

So, I’m not sure what I will include in the final pattern: 5 separate charts or combined chart that would print across 2 pages landscape. Any preferences or suggestions — just drop me a comment.

Bamboo vs Aluminum Needles
As you can see by this picture, I have started knitting the sample. I’m trying out a new set of bamboo needles and while I love the weight – they are so light – the yarn doesn’t slide as easily as I like on them so I think I will be switching back to my aluminum ones. I think they would be great with a yarn that is a little slippery. One day I want to get a set of River John Birch needles.

Have I told you how soft this yarn is?

And then Thursday was over!

The next installment of the Long Skinny Scarf should be coming this weekend — more estate auctions :))


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