Peony Mairei is finished!

Things were moving right along today and I managed to publish the Peony Mairei Baby/Child/Youth tam knitting pattern booklet! Yeah!!

You can see more pictures and details on the PurpleSage Designs website.

This little tam comes in 7 sizes (head circumference sizes 13 ” – 19″ [33 – 48cm] and sports a lovely fuchsia lace design on its top. It is knit in Cotton Comfort (20% organic cotton, 80% fine wool) from Green Mountain Spinnery.

Now I’m down to 2 things on my needles — also yeah — although I can see it putting me into panic mode any minute now — need more knitting!!!!!

The Model
The story behind the model: have I shared that I’ve become quite an estate auction attender? I won’t say addict! Well, last weekend I bought “The Doll” — I haven’t named her yet. Perfect solution, I thought, since I’ve been looking for a child-sized mannequin to use for photographing my designs. I did have to pay $10 for her – someone else was bidding against me!! This little beauty is 35″ tall with a head circumference of 18″!! Surprised me — I even measured her head twice to make sure I wasn’t mistaken!!!

She also came with the most adorable leather shoes!

Oh, and there’s a reason they sold her with a toque on! Someone gave her a haircut somewhere between the 1960’s and now!!


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