If you don’t like spiders, don’t look

ETA: Okay, I first published this post with the picture at the top and thought — not such a good idea, especially if you really don’t want to see the picture. So, I’m adding a few words and moving the pic down — just in case. Don’t want anyone screaming because of me!

We’ve had quite a few days of rain, so I was very excited to have some sunny 20+ C degree weather and be able to eat lunch on the back porch today!

And what do I see, part way up the siding on the house, but a Marbled Orb Weaver spider. Lest you think that I love these creatures enough to know all their names 😉 — NOT — I googled it.

Now, I must say, it has some very interesting colouring and, from afar, may suggest some pattern / colour combinations that may find their way into a garment, but overall, spiders, especially big ones (of which there are surprisingly many in Nova Scotia!) just give me the shivers! Maybe not as much as bats, but that’s another story….I may have to start a wildlife series 😉


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