Celtic Jenna Rose and Toddler Irish

Celtic Jenna Rose
Here’s another teaser picture! I have been rewriting the draft pattern — honest!

I’m procrastinating just a little because it’s hard going back to scribble notes after 6 months — not recommended!!

Test Knitting
I decided to only have the centre panel test knit for this design since there is no body shaping to the top itself.

Pattern Publishing
For now, I publish all of my own patterns.

It’s hard to know which is better — booklet or full page format. Some people love the booklet format because its very transportable; others keep all of their patterns in plastic page protectors so really like full page patterns best.

The first 5 PurpleSage patterns were published using MS Publisher using a half-page booklet format.

Certainly there are pros and cons to the Publisher program itself, but since I don’t create drafts in that program and there are some issues when I copy from Word and Excel into Publisher, I thought I would use a full-page, 2-column Word format for the Celtic Jenna Rose sleeveless top pattern.

The pattern writing is actually taking way more time than the designing / knitting. One of the reasons, of course, is that the presentation of the pattern is so important — it’s not only the accuracy of the numbers and directions and clarity of same, it’s also the format

  • booklet vs full-page
  • columns vs full-width
  • picture placement
  • fonts and styles
  • which techniques to include

and then there’s the photography! I spent most of yesterday afternoon with “Kes” .

Yes, she has a name
This is Kes: the mannequin that a lovely person donated to me through Freecycle — what a great way to recycle.

She’s a little worse for wear — little chip off the nose and a “birthmark” on the cheek and hairless — but she’s been a wonderful help! Much easier taking pictures of her than of me through the looking glass!

Irish toddler Sweater (August 12 post)
I started the sample knit for this design and decided that, as much as I like seamless garments, this one would have to have underarm seams — with the cable patterns and centrepiece design it became too complicated to write the directions for all 5 sizes.

I did consider charting it exclusively, but reading charts is not an easy knit for some people.

So, a frogging I went and I will start anew on straight needles and see how it progresses.

Okay, back to work for me!


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