Don’t stab yourself

The top I’m currently knitting has some cabling and what to do with that extra needle (I must confess I don’t always use a cable needle — sometimes just and extra dp) when it’s not in use? (I know some fearless knitters do it without cable needles, but for me somehow that method extremely cumbersome and slow.)

And then just the other day, as I was removing this hairband from my ponytail and wrapped it around my wrist for temporary storage — aha!!!!

Now, I’ve tried this with some other ponytail holders that were all fabric on the outside and did not meet with great success — the needle ended up under the cushions of my favourite chair — again 😉

However, this particular hairband has the elastic stitching on the inside of the band (you can see the dark lines in the first picture) and so provides some grip to hold the needle.



  1. Oh, you mean there’s a better way than the “behind the ear” technique? The one that had me searching all over this morning for that dpn to put away, when I finally swiped my hair behind my ear (from leaning over), and nearly impaled myself??

    (I was not using it for cables, I do find the cable needle more annoying than redistributing the stitches on the left needle – I was using it for a 8-rows-back feather and fan surgery…)

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