Pattern: Celtic Jenna Rose and Stash

A good illustration of the effect of lighting; these two pictures are the same yarn – different time of day, different location. The swatch (yes, I do swatch!) at left is the truer colour representation.

Soy Yarn
The yarn is Bernat Soy Natural Blends, a very soft and wonderful to work with yarn. It is 50/50 soy/acyrlic.

The Beginning
This is the design that started it all! I saw a quilt design that I wanted to translate into a centerpiece for a top or sweater. And thanks to dd, and a few trial and error samples, this celtic rose is the result.

For some mysterious reason — and I really can’t explain it, but I know you’ve been there — it has been hibernating for months. There were too many other ideas and yarns — and when yarn speaks, we must listen!!!

However, I had promised myself that I would resurrect the Celtic Jenna Rose and finish the pattern. I am currently knitting the straps and then the pattern rewriting begins anew.

I did type up a draft pattern for this one, and most of the top is charted, so I have to decide what will be included in the final pattern. And, you know, it’s much easier to follow all those little notes, scribbles and squirks when you first make them as opposed to 9 months later!!

But I already have 3 partial patterns waiting…..


  1. the Peony Cotton Comfort (bottom, pink) has, of course, become the Lepiota adult tam (see previous post) and another Baby Mushroom Cap is in the works with the remainder
  2. the aran-coloured Frog Tree Meriboo (right) has a charted pattern and the knitting has begun (something for a wee one)
  3. the Rowan DK (left, Rust) is calling me
  4. the Fleece Artist Somoko (top, seagreen) will be paired with a skein of Somoko Blue Lagoon for another design that I’ve already swatched with a really interesting stitch combination — it’s looking really good!

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