Back Porch Musings

It’s 30 degrees Celsius (that’s hot for those of you who are metrically challenged) and I’m sitting in the shade on the back porch knitting (finishing the sample for the adult version of the Gomphidius Swath tam). I don’t think that the saying “It’s too hot to knit” has a speck of truth in it!

As I sat, taking in the sounds of our woodland — a light breeze gently rustling leaves, crickets chirping, bumble bees busily gathering nectar from the Obedience plants, dragonflies doing what dragonflies do, a hummingbird droning by — I looked up at one of our Lombardy poplars and saw 4 rather interesting birds. Luckily they stayed long enough to be captured on film! I’m new to birdwatching, so I pulled out our trusty Birds of Nova Scotia book and am pretty sure that these beauties were Northern Flickers. Fascinating!


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