The ?Secret? is out….well, almost

?Secret? Baby Sweater Pattern
If you’ve been reading all along, you know this pattern has been in the works for a little while. It always amazes me how much time passes from the time I get the idea, get it on paper, write it up, have it test knit, rewrite, have it tech edited, rewrite, take pictures, create the publishable pdf — ok, I guess the amount of time shouldn’t surprise me!

This new design (which should be ready in another week or so) is a modular baby sweater. I thought since there’s a picture of it in the header of the blog I might as well share here too.

The green picture is a close up of the cabling and the white is a close up of the cuff.

I’ll post details when the pattern goes up for sale.

Currently in the Works
The Pink Tam: still haven’t had time to finish writing that pattern up 😦
Adult Gomphidius Swath: I’m almost done the sample and the rough draft of the pattern is finished πŸ™‚
Meriboo Baby Sweater: The design is finished and graphed on paper, I have calculated the multiple sizing, and I reworked the heart design. That went well but ended up too large for the area where I wanted to use it, so I worked out a smaller version.

Plus we’re painting the trim on the house!


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