Free Pattern Link added

Here’s a free scarflet pattern for you.

To obtain this free pattern you can
1. download the pdf file for this and other free knitting patterns from the PurpleSage Designs website
2. use this link to download the Free pattern ( Download here )
3. use the link in the sidebar at the left
(2. and 3. are expiring download links through so even if you’re not signed up you can still download this pattern (the Ravelry people are super nice!). The link will expire 30 minutes after you activate it.)

The end of the scarflet tucks through the tunnel to provide a snug warmness — get a head start on your “you know what” knitting!

The scarflet uses 2 main stitches: the Tunnel Front is knit in Bamboo stitch and the scarflet is knit in Horizontal Herringbone stitch.

This is a quick knit project. Make sure you choose a very soft wool or blend that will be cozy against your skin.


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