Twisted Backward Loop Cast On, New Tam Pattern

Twisted Backward Loop Cast-on
Today I was taking some pictures and writing a new tutorial to upload to the PurpleSage Designs website. This is a variation of the Backward Loop Cast-on but is a little firmer while still being very elastic. Great for casting on extra stitches at the end of a row. It should be available tomorrow.

New Design: Peony
So the new Cotton Comfort (colour: Peony) has already magically created a new pattern! Love magic yarn!!!!

The pattern is partially written and will be available in sizes from baby to adult.

I’ve had a request to create an adult version of the Gomphidius Swath tam pattern so that’s in the works, too.

Good thing it was raining today 😉

Website Update
The pattern links are all live on the website now, I’ve uploaded several tutorials (some have pdf’s that can be downloaded — a real bonus to the webspace!) and I’m collecting the recycling ideas from this blog to put them all together on one webpage.

Recycling Fibres
I would really love to do more with recycled fibre (I have quite a collection of rescued fibre), but using recycled fibres for patterns is difficult.

It can prove difficult to impossible for knitters and crocheters to find suitable substitutes to work to the proper gauge. And there’s nothing more annoying (I know you’ve been there!!) to find a pattern in a yarn you really, really like only to find out that either the yarn has been discontinued or was a one-of-a-kind hand-dyed by the designer and not available to anyone else, ever!

Creating scarf or shawl patterns where gauge isn’t crucial may be the answer to the first issue and choosing recycled fibres of “common” colours might address the second but runs against the grain of creativity. More pondering required!


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