Frog Tree Meriboo, Backward Loop Cast-on, YAMS Update

It’s been a busy day!

Meriboo (Merino/bamboo blend)
This is such nice yarn to work with! It is soooo soft.

I’m working out an Irish sweater design for this one and here you see my first attempt at the heart I want to incorporate – I need to fix the bottom point! But I can do that using the technique I used for the mid-point in the heart. I was pretty pleased with this first effort 😉

I should say a big thank you to DD at this point for showing me some great tricks while she helped me work out the intricacies of this celtic design for another top: Celtic Jenna Rose Top (currently hibernating but soon to be resurrected and the pattern for sale at under the PurpleSage design pages).

The swatch at left are samples with small patch fixes for certain areas.

YAMS Update

The pattern editing is just about finished for the YAMS Baby Undershirt/Wrap Sweater. I’ll print the final pdf for proofing tomorrow and then post it to my Ravelry store. You’ll be able to find out more details and follow the links on the PurpleSage Designs website to purchase this pattern.

Worked a little more on the PurpleSage Designs website today and uploaded a tutorial on the Backward Loop Cast-on. Most of the PurpleSage patterns are up as well as many of the organizational tips from the blog and a couple of tutorials. The web layout makes it a little easier to find specific items.

That’s it for me. Good night 😉


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