Gaspereau Valley Fibres Visit: Stash Details

I literally spent almost 2 hours browsing, touching, oohing (lots of that), aaahing and chatting with Brenda yesterday — such a pleasure!

Here is my loot! Well, half — some found it’s way to DD’s on the way home 😉

1) The Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort (colour: peony) [at the bottom of the picture]: This is destined for a new incarnation of the Gomphidius Violet Baby Mushroom Cap tam. It is a wonderful yarn to work with — wool / organic cotton blend. The more you frog the yarn the softer it gets! It’s great for designing.

2) The Frog Tree Yarns Meriboo (colour 000)[white/offwhite at right in picture]: Frog Tree is new to me and I was happy to learn that it is a Fair Trade company working with cooperatives in Peru. The Meriboo is a blend of Merino and Bamboo and is oooooooohhh sooooooo soft! I see a baby sweater in those skeins! A swatch is already made, gauge calculated, and many scribbles of the prospective design are staring at me 😉 But first I have to finish some pattern writing on the YAMS Baby Undershirt so that the pattern can be posted on the website and Ravelry.

3) The beautiful pale green hand-painted yarn [top middle] is Fleece Artist Somoko. I have a few other colours in my stash and this skein will blend beautifully with the Blue Lagoon and Fruit Punch skeins.

4) The russet yarn (colour 040) [left side of picture] is Rowan Pure Wool DK and although it reminds me of fall (no, no, noooo! — summer has been way too short so far!!!!) it does have a very nice comfy feeling about it and is very soft.

Website update:
I am working away at it — even bought a second hand book on web design to add to my limited html knowledge so that I can hopefully tweak some of the annoying things that sometimes happen (like the tables on the webpage resizing themselves and refusing to be the size I want.)

Well, my wool is calling me………………


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