New Magazine and New Website (almost)

New Magazine
So I picked up Issue 157 (Oct. 2008) issue of Knit ‘N Style. Now, this is not my usual purchase — Interweave Knits is almost a sure thing and Threads for my sewing alter ego — but the last issue and this issue of Knit ‘N Style have some really nice patterns in them.

In the October issue: The Judy Vest, Sinfonia Top, Cable Yoke Pullover and Ecco Ladies Cardigan, and the Rib & Lace Cardigan are favourites. There’s also a good article on Slipped Stitch design which has provided me with inspiration for a new design — I have some Fleece Artist Somoko Blue Lagoon and Fruit Punch just staring at me from the stash basket!

New Website
Since March or so I’ve been playing with Google Pages and trying to plan and design a website – very, very time consuming and since I’d rather be designing and knitting….that’s why it’s been so long 😉

So, last week when I planned to do a little bit more work on the website, lo and behold, a message from Google that Google Pages is no longer accepting sign-ups and will be changing everyone on GoolgePages to the new platform Google Sites by the fall. Well, nothing for it but to take a look and after a few minutes (ok, maybe more than a few!) jump right in a see what I could do. The pages are live from the get-go (Google Pages allowed you to work on pages online and publish them to the web when ready — a plus for me but abetted me in my procrastination). The upshot: a work in progress at PurpleSage Designs

I plan to move most of my Organization and Recycling tips over to the website and offer some of them as downloads. The site will also let me post some of the forms as pdf’s so they can be downloaded by you!

There will also be a section for Techniques / Tutorials that will show lots of step-by-step instructions for techniques used in my designs.

It will also, of course, list all PurpleSage patterns — Free and For Sale — and provide a quick link to either download or buy through Ravelry.

For now, it’s a work in progress, so since I don’t have the option of hiding it until it’s done, I hope you’ll bear with me.


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