Organize: Swatch Book

So, even though I really, really dislike the thought of “wasting” yarn by making and actually keeping the swatch, I know that as I build my Swatch Book I will appreciate the amount of work it will save in the future.

Imagine having a swatch already made for a project! This is especially helpful if you like to use certain yarn again and again.

Here you see a copy of my Swatch Book page. Blanks for

  • name of yarn
  • where purchased
  • date purchased
  • colourway
  • weight / yardage [meters]
  • size of needles / hook used; type of needles/hook (wood, aluminum, plastic, steel)
  • gauge (measured in at least 3 or 4 places and averaged); I always record dry gauge (as I knit/crocheted it) and washed gauge and record how I washed and dried the swatch
  • cost
  • Comments area for : how I felt about the yarn while I was making the swatch e.g. soft, scratchy, stiff, silky, slippery, yarn split, many knots, colour came off on my fingers, did the texture change with washing/drying, change in swatch dimensions, blocking info, etc.

Then I attach the swatch to the page, place it in a page protector and file in a binder for easy access. If you have a lot of swatches, the binder can be organized by dividing it by 1) gauge or 2) yarn content or 3) brand of yarn depending on how you’ll later want to retrieve the information.

If you’d like a copy (MSWord or pdf format), just email me at knitannapolis_at_yahoo_dot_ca and I’ll be happy to send you the form.


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