I’ve Changed My Mind: Evolution of the WIP Binder

This is one of those, “I thought it was a good idea, but…”

I have found that my WIP Binder sits on the shelf while I have my notes, pattern versions, swatches, etc. lying about to the point where it was even driving me crazy! It was a good idea originally as I was organizing all my bits and pieces, but once they were filed in the binder it just became awkward. Since it contains all of my projects, swatches, notes, etc., it’s become pretty bulky and just cumbersome when I was looking for one little thing. So, off with the old and on with the new.

The new are individual pocket portfolios – the kind from the office supply store.

On the front of the folder I clip a checklist of my design process (19 steps at the moment if you don’t count 7a. and 7b. as separate steps!).

My checklist also has a p lace to record
– the start date and end date for each step
– other To Do items e.g. credit Test Knitters or special printing instructions for buyers
– tags for the pattern
– price for the pattern

The inside pockets are perfect to file all of the versions of patterns, notes, etc. as well as swatches. (I cheated on the swatch in the picture — actually frogged the original!)

The portfolios I have even have little diagonal cuts (for business cards) that are perfect for storing yarn labels (depending on their size).

I also clip my Ziploc bag containing my garment to the portfolio with a butterfly clip – everything in one place and easy to grab. Instant access is what it’s all about.

Large cereal boxes cut open at the side work well for storage. I cut along the one long side and across the bottom only. This flap is folded up and used as a label for the project. I tape up the original top of the box and tape a little extra cardboard along the edge to strengthen the new opening. The cereal boxes can be stored like this or in plastic storage bins to keep them together or for easy transportability. I think I’m loving it!

Ok – this is try #2 to post this — I thought I was being clever and composed off-line in Word but when I pasted the text in Blogger had all sorts of issues with extra codes, so I had to paste all the text into Notepad and copy it back — here goes!


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