Update on YAMS, Purple Hat and ?Secret?

Well, no excuses — just busy!

I’ve been working on 3 designs —

1) The Purple Baby Hat: it now has a Name, but all will be revealed on Ravelry in about 2-3 weeks. It’s more of a tam/beret and I’m loving how it’s turned out. It’s off to the test knitters tomorrow and since it’s a quick knit I hope to have it up on Ravelry within a couple of weeks.

Pictured at left is one version, the other version is plain knit for someone who either wants a really quick, predictable pattern, or who is just starting knitting in the round and wants an uncomplicated pattern as practice.

2) The YAMS Baby Undershirt/Sweater (I know it looks like torture, but honest, blocking is an accepted method of treatment!) is through the testing stage so I’m fine-tuning the pattern and it should be up in my Ravelry store shortly. Picture at left: one of the 8 possible shoulder motifs; you’re looking down on the left sleeve before the garment was sewn together; you can also see the baby cable border on the sleeve. This is knit in a very fine gauge, but the results are worth it!

3) My ?Secret? on the needles is well underway and it should be ready for the test knitters within a week; just have to finish my sample knit (about 1 hours worth of knitting) and get the written pattern formatted to send out.


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