Design Journal in MSExcel

No, it’s not your eyes; apologies for the blurriness. It’s a screen capture – not sure why it’s not behaving itself, but it will give you the idea described below.

Another Excel project.

I really should be pattern editing :)) but….. I had this idea!!!!!

I’ve been trying to find something to track my project progress, and as I was looking around the internet I thought, “enough of this!” I don’t have enough time as it is. So, let’s see how we can make do. Hmmmmm, Excel……let’s see. So this is what I came up with (bad grammatical form, I know):

I put the date down the left side in ColumnA. Each project has its own column heading.

I have my Design Process Steps (19 at this moment) listed below each project. As I work on a project, I drag the appropriate item from the “Design Process” area up to the cell in line with the current date. For example, if I were working on choosing a yarn for my ?Secret? baby sweater project, I would drag 2. Choose Yarn from the Design Process area up into the row that contained today’s date (making sure I stay in the column that is headed “?Secret? baby sweater”– purple background in the sample above). I then add any additional information e.g. the type of yarn I chose and where I purchased it, the colour, etc. You can create a new line within a cell by pressing and holding the ALT key and then pressing ENTER.

I also use the Freeze Panes option to keep the dates and Project names on the screen as stable headings.

To Freeze the Panes of the spreadsheet, make sure your cell focus is on the cell below and to the right of the areas you wish to remain on the screen. In my example, I want the dates and project names to stay on the screen at all times, so I placed my focus on cell B3. Everything above and to the left of the focus cell will remain stable.

Once the cursor is in the proper position, click Window, click Freeze Panes. That’s all there is to it. If you wish to deactivate this feature, simply click Window, click Unfreeze Panes.

As you progress, you will probably have to insert additional rows (Insert menu) between the Design Process area and your journal area to provide room for all of your entries. Excel always inserts rows above the current cursor position.

A quick way to insert the current date into an Excel spreadsheet: CTRL+;
i.e. hold the CTRL key down and press ;

The main plus I’m hoping for in this new venture is that I have 1 page that shows me all of my projects and I can add the journal entries without having to open separate files for each project. Hopefully a time saver.


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