While I was sleeping

well, just about, I had another idea for a special little hat (no name yet) for a little girl.

I have some lovely Cotton Comfort from Green Mountain Spinnery (purchased at Gaspereau Valley Fibres) that seems ideal.

This yarn is 20% organic cotton and 80% fine wool in a 2-ply DK weight. This colourway is violet.

So, you know what that means — yup — one more thing currently on the needles ;)) Right now it’s just a circle — but with great promise!

This project is proceeding apace. I’ve started typing up the pattern to try and keep pace with my knitting so that it will be ready to go to the test knitters as soon as I’m done the sample. I may do a second sample of this one myself since I have that Hot Green cotton that I think will really suit this pattern as well.

YAMS Baby Undershirt Sweater
The test knitting is going well; better than the pattern writing! I admit it —– I’ve been procrastinating!!!!! I’ve been so excited about the “one the needle” projects (and the garden and some cupboard building) that YAMS has been pushed to the bottom of the pile 😦 — better fix that soon. Note to self…….


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