YAMS Baby Undershirt update

YAMS Update:
I’ve finished the second draft of the written pattern and hopefully will get it out the the test knitter tomorrow. Since the gauge is very fine — 37 sts over 4″ [10cm], this test knit will probably take a little longer than the last one, so I’m thinking this pattern won’t be up in my Ravelry store for at least 3 weeks.

This picture shows one of the possible 8 motifs that will be available with the final pattern.

On My Needles:
I’ve started knitting the sample for my next design (secret for now).

Things I’m finding out about myself:
My current design process:

  1. sketching my ideas
  2. choosing the yarn
  3. knitting the swatch and measuring the gauge
  4. washing and drying the swatch and measuring the gauge — I always use this gauge to design the garment
  5. knitting a new swatch because I forgot to measure the first swatch before I washed and dry it!
  6. charting my design in 1 size on true grid graph paper — I use the Incompetech website to generate the graph paper for the required gauge
  7. knitting the sample garment, modifying the pattern as I find things that don’t work the way I thought it would 😉
  8. translating the charted design into written instructions
  9. find some test knitters
  10. make gazoodles of changes to clarify, correct errors, and make the pattern better based on suggestions by these fabulous test knitters

I’ll reread this in about 6 months or a year and see if / how my process has changed 😉


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