Sitting in my fuschia socks

angora/mohair, knit by DD — too warm you say for the first on June — nay, I say — some of the province had frost warnings out last night (not here though).

Taking a wee procrastination break from editing the OTK Baby Boots pattern….asking one of the test knitters if I can use her suggestion for a slight name change :)) Things are going well, I think, and I feel like the pattern booklet has undergone a complete make-over — like HGTV — but in a very good way. Can’t say enough good things about those Testing Pool peeps.


One comment

  1. They are great, aren’t they? Who else works to help so much and get so little in return? You’ll have to throw a Test Knitter Thank You party when you are rich and famous ;).

    It’s definitely too warm here for the pink wooly socks. Actually it’s definitely too warm IN here (I finally gave up trying to get them to replace the control valve on the heat) – can’t say about out there.

    Can’t wait for the OTK debut!!

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