OTK Baby Stocking-Socks: Getting Close

Thanks to one of my ATK’s (i.e. Awesome Test Knitter) my pattern has a slightly modified name. The OTK Baby Boots and now the OTK Baby Stocking-Socks!

I did some more test knitting today so that I could add a third size to the pattern — a 6 – 9 months size.

I’m working on version 7 of the printed pattern booklet and finding fewer errors / glitches with each version — that’s the good news. The fact that I found an error in one of the charts in Version 6 worries me just a bit! What else am I missing? I think there may be gremlins at work when I’m not looking!

I want to put it into my Ravelry store right now….but I’d better just have one more look in the morning and publish it tomorrow!


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