Bargains and Measuring Swatches

So on my last trip to the great GF (Guy’s Frenchy’s) I found multitudinous treasures:

  • cashmere sweater to unravel (yarn probably destined for DD) $3.85
  • wonderful little make-up? case — sorry about the slightly blurry picture, but it’s picture #2 that’s the more important one because…..

  • the case has two zippered pockets that are perfect for carrying 2 small projects $1.50

  • a leather daytimer for $1.50 that had this really neat small clear plastic ruler that makes it very easy to measure swatches (Hot Green again!)

And speaking of recycling, I found some old business cards that I found just perfect for labelling my swatches. On the back of the card I write:

  • name of yarn and colour
  • dry and washed gauges
  • size of needle used for swatch
  • pattern and source (if any)

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