Original Design: Baby Tall Boots2 or Ravelry Rocks!

In the last 10 days:

I’ve been busy pattern writing and editing and formatting……..

Ravelry Rocks!
I’m almost finished my first “for sale” pattern — thanks to the assistance and feedback of some really rockin’ test knitters on Ravelry. If you’re a knitter or crocheter (or yarnie or spinner…) and haven’t signed up yet for this awesome free site, jump over there right now to put your name on the waiting list…..I’ll wait for you 😉

Test Knitting
I have received some excellent feedback from a couple of test knitters and should be receiving some additional comments in the next week. These talented knitters are an inspiration and an indispensable part of the vetting process. This was a very new process for me, but thanks to Tumblina from Knits&Wovens, I jumped into the Testing Pool with both feet, met some wonderful people from around the world – I had one test knitter from Norway and one from Tasmania! – and received invaluable feedback before publishing my pattern. Thank you all!

Published Pattern Name
The official name of the pattern is OTK Baby Boots (that’s OTK for Over the Knee). I hope to have the pattern ready for sale by the end of May. For only $4 US you will receive a downloadable pdf file that gives you 2 sizes (0 -3 months and 3 – 6 months) and 3 variations for the pattern on the front. I hear (from reliable sources) that they’re really cute!

Happy knitting….crocheting….sewing….spinning….weaving….tatting….all!


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