Went to an estate auction….can you say Vintage?

So, for $17 I was able to get:

– about 15 sets of knitting needles (some Susan Bates) of varying sizes, stitch holders

– about 25 knitting pattern books, nothing newer than about 1980, but the bag included

– one 1939 Lux knitting pattern book (original price 39cents for 54 patterns); it’s not in great shape but most of the pattern pages are still usable

– one 1951 and one 1952 Lux pattern book (by this time they had made the format much more compact; both in pretty good shape

  • about 30 sewing patterns (just a few shown here)
    • including quite a few of those you used to order out of the newspaper (anyone else remember those days?)
    • oh for the days when Simplicity patterns cost 35 cent

A really interesting thing is the sizing: a 1958 McCalls size 14 was for a 34″ bust; the 1953 Simplicity size 13 (shown in the second photo below, middle row, far right) was for a 31″ bust. The Simplicity pattern sizes were actually size 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18 ranging in bust size from 29″ to 36″.

Oh wait! I found a Simplicity pants/coverall/hooded shirt pattern, original price 15 cents, size 16 which translates into a 34″ bust, 28″ waist and 37″ hip — couldn’t find a date on this one.

Ahhhh, treasures to pore over for many a day!


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