Knitting Books of Note: Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design

by Sharon Turner

This is another Master Pattern book with a slightly different approach. The charts for the master patterns are interspersed with text which may be good for some knitters.

The Master Patterns are written in 5 gauges (2 – 6 st / inch). There are Master Patterns for:

  • scarves,
  • shawls(3),
  • hats (4),
  • bags (2 including felting),
  • socks (5 sizes: 1 heel, 2 toes, toe-up),
  • mitts (lots of cuffs), hand warmers, gloves,
  • vests,
  • sweaters (22″ – 55″; round and V-neck; collars, turtleneck, neckbands)

There is a yarn estimate chart in the back of the book and a small section on colour theory.

What I liked:

  • good section on techniques with lots of pictures
  • small stitch dictionary
  • design/gauge charts are spread out throughout the text which is better for some readers

The Flip Side:

  • no metric
  • no knitting in the round
  • a little skimpy on the “choosing the right yarn” for novice knitters
  • some instructions are vague e.g. Stockinette Drop Stitch “purl across, dropping yo loops as you go” might leave one without any stitches at all!
  • mentions baby/child sizes allow “generous ease” but never says how much that is; no ease amounts are given for adults but an ease table is included — again, just a little unclear; do child sizes include ease and adult ones don’t???
  • there’s a short rather cryptic written section on how to do the math for your own designs

Maybe borrowing this book from the library first would give you a good idea if it fits your designing style.


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