Free Knitting Graph Paper and other cool stuff

So Incompetech has a very neat (and accurate) knitting graph paper generator (it’s the Asymmetric graph paper) that generates a pdf download for you to print. It will actually print 6.25 sts / inch [2.5cm] unlike some others (e.g. the ABC’s of Knitting site allows you to type in decimal stitch counts but then ignores the decimals as it generates the graph paper).

The only thing I haven’t been able to do is to only make it draw dark lines every 4 in [10cm] instead of every inch. Setting the Larger grid spacing line option to less than 1 does funny things to the whole grid.

For music, quilting or sewing peeps, there are hordes of choices: dots, grids, axonometric, crosses, octagonal, hexagonal, triangular, tumbling blocks, polar graph, story boards, Celtic knot, music staves, and lots more.

A very cool site.


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