This book explores knitting architecture as it applies to sock knitting and provides instruction for 5 dp, 2 circulars and magic loop.

These sock patterns are truly unique with names to match e.g. Spiraling Coriolis, Robin Hood’s Fireside Boots, Etta Mae’s Baby Bootikins and Clematis Vine. If you’re into socks, these patterns will provide hours of amusement and inspiration.

Both toe up and top down instructions are given as well as a variety of heel construction methods.

Sizes are given for newborn to men’s size 15. The size variations are given in tables at the back of the book and each individual pattern then uses reference letters instead of stitch numbers.

This I would definitely not recommend to the novice sock knitter. To simplify the process a little, you could rewrite the individual pattern with your individual stitch numbers plugged in. However, there are still some “cross-connections” between Master patterns and variations and some less than specific instructions. There are small sample patterns of each of the designs to knit and Cat does recommend that you knit all of them to become familiar with the designs before proceeding to the regular-sized patterns.

Overall an intriguing book with fascinating patterns but with potential frustrations.