Sewists and Quilters: Fabric Sample Book

So, you just couldn’t resist that gorgeous fabric…it was calling your name….please, please, please take me home!

Now what? Do you have a pattern in mind? No? Any inkling of what you want to do with this beautiful example of lusciousness? The very reason for the existence of a Fabric Sample Book.

So, while you’re deciding what to do with that delectable yardage (meterage??), take a couple of minutes, grab a 3 x 5 recipe card and (be still my beating heart) cut a small square/rectangle of the fabric (make sure your sample includes all the colours represented in the fabric) and staple it to the recipe card.

Then add the following:

  • the name of the fabric
  • where and when you bought it
  • price you paid (maybe write this in special ink only visible with your magic glasses on 😉
  • fibre content
  • washing instructions
  • whether or not you’ve pre-washed your fabric

Tuck this card into a small photo album that takes 4×6 pictures and you have a handy travel-ready reference.

Do this for all of the fabrics in your stash waiting for that perfect pattern. Then, when you just happen to be out pattern shopping, or come across a surprise sale, you’ll instantly know whether or not your fabric stash contains just the fabric you need — with enough yardage — plus it allows you to match new fabric to what you already have.

Once you’ve matched a fabric card to a pattern, pull the card from your sample book and attach it to the pattern. Home again — the pattern and fabric join the DF (Designated Fabric) shelf.

Oh, and the pattern goes into your pattern list/database so that you always know what’s on hand.


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