Socks: it’s a thing. A BIG thing. Why is everyone knitting socks? Maybe ’cause they’re small projects, very portable and they have such excruciatingly cute yarn. Although, at $18 a skein that will make one sock, I can’t get that by my “some people don’t have enough to eat” meter.

However, recycled yarn alternatives are often available. When I unravel a sweater/wrap/etc., the first thing I do is knit a test swatch to see what needle size works best for the yarn. Once I’m happy with the fabric produced, the swatch goes on a swatch page (which I keep in a binder) where I record the pertinent information: type of yarn, care instructions (I usually staple the garment tag onto the page), gauge, needle size, approx. amount of yarn.

Speaking of socks, Jenna H. has her newest original design pattern “Itean Socks” up on her blog Knits & Wovens. Very, very nice pattern!