The colour (at least on my monitor) is very close to the actual yarn colour. It is so warm and sun-shiny!

The sample garment is done, the pictures are taken and I’ve started the pattern writing.

This is a sample of the graphics included in the pattern. There will actually be 8 design options to choose from: a lighthouse, sun, moon, spider web, dragonfly, butterfly, or sailboat.

The designs can be worked on either knit or purl backgrounds.

Can you see the tiny cable edging? I really like how this design turned out!

I’m trying something new as I write up this pattern: many people are saying they really like a smaller bi-fold booklet format as opposed to full-sheet patterns. So, I’m trying MSPublisher to create the booklet format and MSExcel for the charts. I hear there are small utility programs that allow you to combine pdf files, so I’m on the lookout for one of those.