Knitting Books of Note: No Sheep for You by Amy R. Singer

No Sheep for You by Amy R. Singer – editor of Knitty online magazine – yes it’s the one where it looks like she’s au naturel! It’s available from The Needle Arts Book Shop for $22.89 Cdn, $22.95 US. I mention this shop because Marsha White provides super customer service and usually adds a little surprise! Check out her site and see what’s little goodies she’s offering. I really like her shop!

Allergic to wool like Amy? Want to try some of the other natural or manufactured fibres — cotton, silk, hemp, linen, soy, bamboo? This book is a great resource. Amy not only describes the features of each of these non-wool yarns in detail (including easy-to-read comparison charts), but provides 20 projects to knit. The patterns range from easy knits to socks to cabled pullovers and ganseys.

There are lots of hints for working with natural fibres and oodles of tips including a whole page on matching different types of needles to a variety of yarns. I knew there was a really good reason to own more than one set of needles of a given size!


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