Designer Notebook: Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for a knit or crochet garment, take a piece of white cardboard and draw an outline of a mannequin wearing the sweater, hat, mittens, scarf or skirt you are designing (you could trace this from a catalog or magazine if your drawing skills are still in the artistic waiting room, or there are croquis patterns online) , then cut out the shape of the garment and use the cardboard with the removed silhouette to preview colour combos. Just place the cardboard cut out (CCO) over a picture or swatch you like and move / turn it around to see how it would translate into your design. Here are some examples. The first example is the CCO placed over a test swatch of knitted Bamboo Stitch variations. The yarn is Bernat Soy Naturals, a blend of 50/50 soy and acrylic: a very nice soft yarn that is machine washable (and you can put it in the dryer on low if you use one).

The second sample is the CCO placed over a picture. The 3rd image shows the actual picture (source: Harrowsmith magazine).

I’ll post a few more examples over the next few weeks.

If you have a digital camera, take pictures of the combinations you like or make several cardboard cut outs and tape or glue the combos you like together and keep them in your Design Binder (more on this later).


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