South Mountain ~ Naturally: Designing in Annapolis

What Joy – overlooking Lake Pleasant from the tower windows of my design studio in our 1819’s Nova Scotia home (currently under renovation). This is the first home of the unique fibre creations of South Mountain ~ Naturally. Peace reigns supreme and the creative juices flow. (The second pic shows the moon rising over the lake.)

While not a purist, I do like to work as much as possible with organic / natural / eco fibres. But alas, the world is not a perfect place and compromises often are the order of the day. I will endeavour to focus on the natural fibres but some synthetic combinations (hybrids) will sneak in. For some of us, being frugal may be necessary or be a life choice and synthetic yarns are definitely easy on the pocketbook. I can still remember my gut reaction the first time I saw the price of a skein of self-striping sock yarn….and you needed 2 skeins for a pair of socks! Socks are another topic all on their own. I also am a great supporter of recycling yarn, whether its a self-created object or a thrift shop buy, there are some wonderful opportunities for obtaining raw materials for your next knitting or crochet project.

Patterns coming soon for organic and natural fibre creations (and some hybrids).


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